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Complaints Policy

Affable Treatments (Croydon Therapy Rooms) Complaints Policy

At Affable, we strive to provide exceptional beauty services and experiences to our clients. However, we understand that, occasionally, concerns or issues may arise. We are committed to addressing and resolving complaints in a fair and timely manner. Your feedback is valuable to us, and we appreciate the opportunity to improve our services.
How to Submit a Complaint:
If you have a complaint, we encourage you to follow these steps:
In-Salon Resolution:
Contact Us:
Information to Include in Your Complaint:
Complaint Resolution Process:
Your Feedback Matters:
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Our Vision
We have a vision where every individual not only discovers their external beauty but also uncovers the depths of their inner radiance. Affable Treatments envisions a world where beauty isn't fleeting but an everlasting overture, where every treatment is a note in the melody of self-love.
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Our Mission
Our mission at Affable Treatments is akin to composing a symphony—a harmonious blend of expertise, ethics, and personalised care. We strive not just to transform appearances but to create a timeless melody of well-being, resonating through your mind, body, and soul.